In cinema4d viewport I have no problems, everything works fine but the problem appears when I start rendering in octane render, I get an error "CUDA error 700 on device 0: an illegal memory access was encountered".
I have already reported it to octane render support.
Started logging on 25.10.22 16:16:10
OctaneRender Enterprise 2021.1.6 (11000600)
OCIO config file:I:\CASTLE\KB3D CHALENGE\OpenColorIO-Config-ACES-1.2\OpenColorIO-Config-ACES-1.2\aces_1.2\config.ocio loaded.
VRAM used/free/max:0Kb/23.999Gb/23.999Gb Out-of-core used:0Kb RAM used:16.197Gb total:127.893Gb OpenGL free/total:0/0
FumeFx library initialisation error!
--------------------------- EXPORT LOG ---------------------------
Export materials time= 37313.276 ms
Collect objects time= 21.664 ms
Mesh creation time = 6519.356 ms.
Api update time: 0.542 ms.
VRAM used/free/max:8.239Gb/12.21Gb/23.999Gb Out-of-core used:0Kb RAM used:44.446Gb total:127.893Gb OpenGL free/total:0/0
--------------------------- EXPORT LOG ---------------------------
Export materials time= 72.366 ms
Collect objects time= 17.152 ms
Mesh creation time = 5008.241 ms.
Api update time: 0.538 ms.
VRAM used/free/max:8.225Gb/12.264Gb/23.999Gb Out-of-core used:0Kb RAM used:39.553Gb total:127.893Gb OpenGL free/total:0/0
CUDA error 700 on device 0: an illegal memory access was encountered
-> failed to wait for event
device 0: direct light kernel failed
MB:0/0 ST/MOV:0/823 Nodes:1720 Tris:47.109m DispTris:0 Hairs:0 Meshes:823
Textures Grey8/16:0/0 Rgb32/64:272/6
Created by Shelby
November 1, 2022