Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


This version is a quick patch to add support to the newly released Blender 4.0.
We also sneaked in some functionality for subscribers to manage billing details.
New Features# Software Support
Bug Fixes
We are so excited for this release to finally unveil a new section in Cargo: Vehicles.
We believe vehicles are an essential part of storytelling. They allow creators to show action, character, and make a world feel lived in. We’ve spent the last year and a half building up our vehicle library in anticipation for this, and some have been sprinkled into Kits that have released. We finally have a backlog ready of new vehicle Kits that we’ll be releasing on a regular basis, and with that, a new way to browse in Cargo.
You can find the vehicles tab on the left nav menu. In here you can filter by genre (Fantasy, Real World, Sci -fi, etc) as well as Vehicle Type (Air, Land, Sea). Over the next year we’ll be introducing new vehicles that work cohesively with a variety of Kits so keep an eye out for fantasy carriages, cyberpunk motorcycles, real world sports cars and pick up trucks, and so much more!
New Features
Software Support
Quality of Life Improvements
Bug Fixes
Since we launched in May, we’ve been listening, learning, and working hard to deliver consistent updates to Cargo. We’ve worked with you on the support channels, listened to your ideas on the Feedback Center, and talked with so many of you across social channels and in interviews. This update has been a focused effort to deliver on the ideas, requests, and feedback that you’ve asked for. And today, we’re so excited to release Cargo v1.1.
With this update, we’ve added Cargo integrations for all of KitBash3D’s previously supported 3D software and render engines, including Cinema 4D, Unity and Houdini. We’ve made substantial quality of life improvements based on community feedback like the ability to change your download folder, full screen preview assets, and improved Kit filtering. We’ve addressed countless bugs that you’ve reported, and have made significant improvements to the speed and stability of the platform.
Thank you for your feedback! Cargo 1.1 is a direct response to the amazing insights you provided on this feedback center!
New Features
Software Support
Quality of Life Improvements
Bug Fixes
We're excited to bring a beta version of our Cargo x Unity integration! We appreciate any and all feedback here so that we can polish this integration as much as possible before it goes live officially.
We've also added the ability to change your download folder! You can access this from your accounts page under software settings. When you change your download folder, you'll be given the option to copy your existing files to the new location or leave them be. This should help keep things linked in your 3D scenes when you change download folders and prevent the need to redownload assets.
We're making our way through the feedback and trying to update as often as possible. Thank you all for your amazing feedback on this platform, it's guiding our roadmap each day and we're excited to get this version in your hands!
This update includes:
You can now purchase Cargo Pro from
We've also fixed a bug that caused some assets to not import into Cinema4D
Just a small update as we're heads down on v1.1 :)
This update includes:
Just another quick patch to ensure the overall stability of Cargo as more and more people jump on it. You shouldn't notice anything different, except maybe some speed boosts. This patch is mostly for us, so we can sleep better at night knowing that Cargo is fast and reliable for everyone.
Can you believe Cargo has been out for 2 months? And we've release 8 patches?? Closed out 50+ feedback tickets? And y'all have downloaded an INSANE amount of assets!
A huge thank you to all of you who have jumped on Cargo early. We know there were quite a few bugs to work through, and your participation in the feedback center has been crucial to resolving so many so quickly!
We're looking at stability improvements now to ensure that downloads continue to be quick, and Cargo continues to be reliable at all times as more and more creators are using it. This is the first of 2 stability upgrades. Hopefully you shouldn't notice anything different with this patch, other than peace of mind knowing that Cargo is working!
Cinema 4D is now live!!! Thank you to everyone who tested it out in Beta and provided your amazing feedback here!
This updates includes:
Not much to mention here, other than this patch is adding in some backend utilities for some upcoming features. Looking forward to sharing more on that soon!
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