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Issue with Missing Textures while Importing 3D Models
I am writing to bring to your attention an issue I have been experiencing while attempting to import 3D models into the KitBash3D software. Specifically, upon importing the models, I have noticed that some textures are missing. I have been a loyal user of KitBash3D for quite some time, and I greatly appreciate the quality and diversity of the 3D models your platform offers. However, this recent problem has hindered my ability to fully utilize the software and achieve the desired results in my projects. I have followed the standard import procedures outlined in the documentation and tutorials provided by KitBash3D, so I am confident that I am not overlooking any crucial steps. Despite this, several of the textures associated with the models are not loading correctly upon import. As a result, the imported models appear incomplete and lack the visual quality I have come to expect from your platform. To assist you in resolving this issue, I have compiled a list of details that might be relevant: Software Version: Blender 3.5 Operating System: Windows 10 Additionally, I have taken screenshots of the error messages or any visual anomalies that occur during the import process. If it would be helpful, I can share these screenshots with you or provide any further information required to address this issue promptly. I genuinely appreciate the effort and dedication your team puts into developing and maintaining the KitBash3D software. Therefore, I kindly request your assistance in resolving this matter as soon as possible so that I can resume working on my projects with the full functionality of the software.
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