Nothing says dystopian alien invasion like driving for your life down a deserted highway and landing in an abandoned strip mall town.
Trailer Park dwellings
Small Derelict single family homes
Derelict Corner Store
Abandoned car dealership
Various Municipal buildings (Police, Fire, Town Hall etc)
KitBash of walls, roofs, windows and such for making/accessorizing new houses
Farm House and Barn
Road tarmac
Cars & Pick up trucks
Farm Equipment
Small Accessory Assets:
City utilities (fire hydrants, power poles, ground transformers etc)
Trees, shrubs, scrub grass and bushes
Trash, ground waste, rubble piles, broken glass shard (scatter tool assets)
Street signs
City name sign falling apart (editable)
Small decals like foreclosure notice, Do Not Enter tape, condemned notice, grafitti
Would work for so many genres .. dystopian, sci-fi, horror, Americana