At the moment, Cargo is too expensive for a hobbyist and indie developer. The subscription model is appealing, but the price is too high when most of the kits will go unused on a normal basis.
While it is possible to buy most of your kits individually, it blocks users from gaining access to cargo exclusives. Even though I support the idea of a subscription model, I simply can't afford the cost to gain access to exclusive content.
It would be great if there was a subscription tier system available. For example, you could pay to gain access to five kits at one time. Users would need to choose the five kits they want available. If you pay for higher tiers, you get access to more kits at a time. If you pay for the full experience, then you can access all the kits anytime you want. All subscription tiers gain access to excusive Cargo content.
I like KitBash 3D, but the current subscription model is too restrictive.