While I do appreciate the effort in creating openable doorways in the latest Enchanted kit...I must say that there are a few buildings in Enchanted that need to be fixed in regards to doorways. What is the point of providing a doorway when you put a brick wall right behind the doorway? It totally defeats the purpose of the doorway...and can't be used to create an enterable room beyond that doorway. Not to sound harsh, but the creators of your assets need to think like game developers when creating kits for game engines. The whole purpose of buying a kit from you is to make our lives easier when using the kits. Please...if you could be so kind...create a list of standards (based on the feedback here) that your creators will need to follow when designing kits. If you need advice as to what the list should have...ask your users via questionnaire that we can answer. That way a standard can then be developed and followed.