In the Minerva and Neo City kits, when loaded in Blender (and likely other packages) there are a lot of image textures used where the image is entirely a single value.
Most often, this is metallic textures that are all black for non-metalic materials, but there are also lots of single color roughness, normal, and base color images.
It least in Blender, these 2K and 4K images still take up a lot of VRAM.
I found that by removing the texture and replacing it with a single value I could reduce the VRAM of scenes without any visual change. This is for example by replacing an 4K image texture that is all black with the value of 0.
I'd look into if future kits or kit versions could use single pixel images for textures that are all one value, or just set the value directly on the Blender material.
In the example image, the all black metal texture can be replaced with the value zero. Then when the texture is removed and the file clean up command is run (to remove the iamge from memory), the VRAM of the scene is reduced.