I hope you are all right. I am having a bit of an issue with an assett from the GAE collection I recently bought. Unfortunately I am not too familiar with Unreal Engine as I use other software for work but I bought some of your kits to do some personal works while learning Unreal. So, basically it seems (but forgive me if I am wrong) that on building GAE_BldLG_G the geometry of the roof (the greenish tiles) have the wrong LOD3. If I zoom out too much or if far enough from the camera the tiles disappear from the roof and reappear as a different geometry at the base. I have opened the geo itself to see if I could find what was wrong with it, and it seems to happen on LOD3. I have been able to force it to be another LOD, so it should be fine in my current scene, but I think it was worth mentioning it.
Created by Steven Ibale
September 12, 2022