The sale doesn´t seem to work on my iphone. There are no prices and you can´t purchase any products. Not a huge deal as it works on the desktop version, but thought I´d let you know.
Cargo Pro products on sale...or not?
Normally, you purchase Cargo Pro to get access to the special kits you´ve made for Cargo Pro. However, all these kits are marked "on sale", and if e.g. you click on the Police kit, it says: "These Assets are Free in Cargo. Download Cargo to get started. Once you have the application open, you’ll be able to use all of these assets with your free Cargo Basic Account."
This is mentioned on the right side on the desktop version, where you choose your price, software etc. I assume this is an error, or do you offer all these Cargo Pro kits for free with the basic version of CP?